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National Gumdrop Day (February 15)

Check out the weird holiday National Gumdrop Day on February 15. Learn the history of gumdrops, and get ideas on how to celebrate.

One weird holiday on February 15 is National Gumdrop Day. Check out the other weird February holidays!

History of National Gumdrop Day

Even though Christmas and gingerbread houses were almost two months ago, you can still celebrate this delicious, spice-filled candy!

Gumdrops are made with gelatin and coated in sugar, and they are usually flavored as fruity or spicy. They’re perfect for accentuating cookies and other baked goods.

In 1682, the Frenshman Denis Papin discovered gelatin.

The reputed creator of gumdrops was the chemist and candy manufacturer Percy S. Truesdell. While at the University of Ohio, Truesdell worked with hard globs of sugar and kept changing how much starch was used to make them.

Later in life, Truesdell worked for the Snyder-Chafee Company. Just a year later, he founded the P.S. Truesdell Candy Manufacturing Company, where he began to be known as the Gumdrop King.

In the 1850s, however, the term “gumdrop” was in an Illinois newspaper, along with mention of a candy shop owner named George Julier.

Most gumdrop recipes include vegetable oil, sugar, fruit juice, baking soda, powdered fruit pectin, corn syrup, and food coloring.

Gumdrops were the precurser for many gummy candies we enjoy nowadies, like gummy bears or gummy worms. Gummy bears were introduced in Germany in 1960, and the first gummy worms came to the US in 1981 by Trolli, which is a German company as well.

In 1949, the Hasbro board game Candyland was released. Players can go through Gumdrop Mountain and take the Gumdrop Path shortcut.

Ideas for National Gumdrop Day

Here are some fun ways to enjoy gumdrops!

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