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Weird Holidays in April

Here are the weird and crazy holidays for the month of April! These weird holidays occur during the fourth month of the calendar year.

Be Kind to Lawyers Day (2nd Tuesday in April)

World Circus Day (3rd Saturday in April)

Go Fly a Kite Day (3rd Sunday in April)

1International Pillow Fight Day
Fun at Work Day
Walk to Work Day
2National PB&J Day
3International Carrot Day
World Party Day
4Tell a Lie Day
5National Twinkie Day
National Deep Dish Pizza Day
Read a Road Map Day
First Contact Day
6National No Housework Day
Sorry Charlie Day
7Step Into the Spotlight Day
8National Name Yourself Day
9International Safety Pin Day
10National Pet Day
Siblings Day
11Submarine Day
Barbership Quartet Day
12Scrabble Day
Grilled Cheese Day
Yuri’s Night
13World Party Day
Scrabble Day
14Moment of Laughter Day
Reach as High as You Can Day
Look up to the Sky Day
16Eggs Benedict Day
Wear Pajamas to Work Day
17Haiku Poetry Day
18Velociraptor Awareness Day
Columnist Day
19National Garlic Day
20National Cheddar Fries Day
Look Alike Day
21Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day
22National Jelly Bean Day
23National Picnic Day
Take a Chance Day
Impossible Astronaut Day
Lover’s Day
24National Pigs in a Blanket Day
World Pinhole Photography Day
25National Mani-Pedi Day
26Hug a Friend Day
Pretzel Day
Richter Scale Day
27Morse Code Day
28National Blueberry Pie Day
Take Our Daughters/Sons to Work Day
29International Dance Day
Zipper Day
30International Jazz Day