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Weird Holidays in May

Here are the weird and crazy holidays for the month of May! These weird holidays occur during the fifth month of the calendar year.

1Global Love Day
Batman Day
2Take a Baby to Lunch Day
3Great American Grump Out
4National Orange Juice Day
Star Wars Day
5International Space Day
6International No Diet Day
No Pants Day
Space Day
Beverage Day
7Lemonade Day
Astronomy Day
Herb Day
Free Comic Book Day
8National Have a Coke Day
9Lost Sock Remembrance Day
Europe Day
10National Shrimp Day
Clean Up Your Room Day
11Eat What You Want Day
National School Nurse Day
Twilight Zone Day
12International Nurses Day
Limerick Day
13Brunch for Lunch Day
Frog Jumping Day
14Dance Like a Chicken Day
15International Day of Families
Chocolate Chip Day
16National Love a Tree Day
17National Walnut Day
Pack Rat Day
18I Love Reese’s Day
No Dirty Dishes Day
19National Pizza Party Day
May Ray Day
20Be a Millionaire Day
21World Baking Day
Talk Like Yoday Day
22Sherlock Holmes Day
Buy a Musical Instrument Day
23Lucky Penny Day
24International Tiara Day
Scavenger Hunt Day
25National Wine Day
Sing Out Day
Towel Day
26National Cherry Dessert Day
World Lindy Hop Day
27International Jazz Day
Sunscreen Day
28International Hamburger Day
29National Biscuit Day
Put a Pillow on Your Fridge Day
30National Mint Julep Day
My Bucket’s Got a Hole Day
31National Macaroon Day