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Weird Holidays in June

Here are the weird and crazy holidays for the month of June! These weird holidays occur during the sixth month of the calendar year.

1st Friday – National Donut Day

1Say Something Nice Day
2Leave the Office Early Day
3Love Conquers All Day
Repeat Day
4National Cheese Day
Hug Your Cat Day
5Hot Air Balloon Day
6Drive-In Movie Day
7Chocolate Ice Cream Day
8Best Friends Day
9Donald Duck Day
10World Gin Day
Iced Tea Day
11Corn on the Cob Day
12Magic Day
Red Rose Day
13World Pet Memorial Day
Sewing Machine Day
14International Bath Day
15National Lobster Day
Nature Photography Day
16Wish Fulfillment Day
17National Apple Strudel Day
Eat Your Vegetables Day
18International Picnic Day
World Juggling Day
19National Pets in Film Day
Sauntering Day
20Daylight Appreciation Day
21National Selfie Day
22National Onion Rings Day
23Take Your Dog to Work Day
Typewriter Day
24World UFO Day
Swim a Lap Day
25America’s Kids Day
Please Take My Children to Work Day
26National Chocolate Pudding Day
27National Onion Day
Hellen Keller Day
Tau Day
29National Handshake Day
Camera Day
30Social Media Day
Meteor Watch Day