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Weird Holidays in March

Here are the weird and crazy holidays for the month of March! These weird holidays occur during the third month of the calendar year.

Popcorn Lovers Day (2nd Thursday each March)

1World Compliment Day
Plan a Solo Vacation Day
2National Banana Cream Pie Day
Old Stuff Day
3National Doodle Day
I Want You to be Happy Day
4Hug a GI Day
March Forth and Do Something Day
5Sock Monkey Day
Learn What Your Name Means Day
Cinco de Marcho
6National Oreo Cookie Day
Dentist’s Day
7National Cereal Day
Alexander Graham Bell Day
8National No Socks Day
Proofreading Day
10International Day of Awesomeness
Mario Day
11National Fanny Pack Day
Oatmeal Nut Waffle Day
12National Plant a Flower Day
Alfred Hitchock Day
13National Jewel Day
14National Potato Chip Day
Napping Day
Pi Day
15Ides of March
Everything You Think is Wrong Day
16Lips Appreciation Day
Everything You Do is Right Day
17World Sleep Day
Absolutely Incredible Kid Day (3rd Thursday in March)
Submarine Day
18National Corndog Day (3rd Saturday in March)
Awkward Moments Day
19National Poultry Day
Let’s Laugh Day
20Alien Abduction Day
World Storytelling Day
Proposal Day
National Macaron Day
21National Teenager Day
Common Courtesy Day
22National Goof Off Day
23National Puppy Day
Near Miss Day
24National Cheesesteak Day
Chocolate Covered Raisins Day
25International Waffle Day
Tolkien Reading Day
26Make Up Your Own Holiday Day
27National Joe Day
Spanish Paella Day
28National Hot Tub Day
Something on a Stick Day
29National Lemon Chiffon Day
Smoke and Mirrors Day
30Pencil Day
Take a Walk in the Park Day
31Dance Marathon Day
Bunsen Burner Day