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National Lips Appreciation Day (March 16)

Check out the weird holiday National Lips Appreciation Day on March 16. Learn the history of lips appreciation & get ideas on celebrating.

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History of National Lips Appreciation Day

This weird holiday came about because of Thomas and Ruth Roy at Wellcat Holiday, who have their own brand of lip balm.

Lips are considered to be one of the primary features that make a face attractive. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Other than good looks however, lips are highly valuable because they play a large role in drinking, eating whistling, speaking, and kissing. Lips also have just a unique impression as fingerprints do!

Lips dry out quickly and become chapped because they do not have the protective layer that most other body parts have. They don’t have sweat glands or oil glands, and they have the highest density of nerve endings compared to any other part of your body.

As far back as 40 BC in Ancient Egypt, people were caring for their lips. Cleopatra and other ancient Egyptian Pharaohs used olive oil, beeswax, and even animal fat to care for their lips!

In 1650, the British Parliament introduced a bill that would ban lipstick! Thankfully, that didn’t pass.

Lipstick began being packaged in its traditional cylinder shape in 1915 when the containers were invented by Maurice Levy.

Ideas for National Lips Appreciation Day

Here are some ways for you to appreciate your lips, other than purchasing lip balm.

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