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National Potato Chip Day (March 14)

Check out the weird holiday National Potato Chip Day on March 14. Learn the history of potato chips, and get ideas on how to celebrate.

One weird holiday on March 14 is National Potato Chip Day. Check out the other weird March holidays!

History of National Potato Chip Day

Potato chips were invented in the 1800s, but the exact date of invention is undetermined.

Legend has it that on August 24, 1853, a customer at a restaurant kept sending his potatos back to the kitchen because they were too thick and soggy. The chef George Crum sliced them as thin as possible, then fried them and added salt. He thought the customer would reject them, but instead he loved them! They were called “Saratoga Chips.”

Some cookbooks from earlier in the 19th century have recipes of potatoes being sliced and fried in grease. No one knows if these slices were baked until cripy, however.

Potato chips were first referenced in literature in “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens in 1859.

Regardless of their origin story, potato chips were known as Saratoga Chips throughout the country by the late 1870s.

Two different companies claim to be the first potato chip manufacturer. The first is Tri-Sum Potato Chips, which was established in 1908 in Leominster, Massachusetts. The second is Mike-sell’s Potato Chip Company, founded in 1910 in Dayton, Ohio.

Later, the Hanover Home Potato Chip Company was established in 1921. A few years later, Laura Scudder began putting chips in wax paper bags instead of barrels or glass containers.

Frito-Lay introduced their potato chips in 1932. The company was founded by Herman Lay in Nashville, Tennessee.

Flavored potato chips began to be manufactured in the 1950s.

Today, potato chips are a $15 billion per year industry. What’s your favorite potato chip? Let us know in the comments!

Ideas for National Potato Chip Day

You can buy potato chips to snack on, or make any of these fun recipes!

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