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National Oreo Cookie Day (March 6)

Check out the weird holiday National Oreo Cookie Day on March 6. Learn the history of oreos, and get ideas on how to celebrate.

One weird holiday on March 6 is National Oreo Cookie Day. Check out the other weird March holidays!

History of National Oreo Cookie Day

Oreo cookies were invented in 1912 by the National Biscuit Company (which is now known as Nabisco, from the first two letters of each word in its previous name). The company was first formed in East Hanover, New Jersey in 1898.

The company first developed and produced these delicious cookies in its New York City factory in Chelsea. The block where the factory was located is now called “Oreo Way.”

On March 14, 1912, the name “Oreo” was trademarked. They sold for $0.25 per pound in clear glass cans. Lard was one of the original central ingredients.

Later that year, the name changed from “Oreo Biscuit” to “Oreo Sandwich.” Then in 1948, they were renamed the “Oreo Creme Sandwich.”

In 1920, Nabisco stopped producing the lemon meringue flavor of Oreo.

The Nabisco logo first appeared on Oreos in 1952. The design was drawn by William A. Turnier. The modern filling was developed by Nabisco’s principal food scientist, Sam Procello. He worked at Nabisco for 34 years!

Oreos turned 100 years old in 2012, and Nabisco released the Birthday Cake Oreo to celebrate.

The Oreo cookie is the best-selling cookie in the United States. More than 40 billion are made each year! There are many flavors available, such as mint, Neapolitan, carrot cake, and more.

Ideas for National Oreo Cookie Day

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