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National Lost Penny Day (February 12)

Check out the weird holiday National Lost Penny Day on February 12. Learn the history of Lost Penny Day, and get ideas on how to celebrate.

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History of National Lost Penny Day

The first penny was designed by Benjamin Franklin in the 1780s, but didn’t feature Abraham Lincoln’s profile until 1909.

Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, an eventologist, came up with this weird holiday in 1995. The date February 12 was chosen because that is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.

Koopersmith’s reasoning for creating Lost Penny Day was to help people understand that petty cash – loose change, one dollar bills, and even five dollar bills, can make a significant difference.

So as you search for lost pennies today, you may end up finding more than you think you will! Not just money, but other things you may have lost.

So go dig through those couch cushions and check your car’s seats. You could also get your kids involved and challenge them to find the most amount of money! Then add it all up and discuss what it could be used for.

Ideas for National Lost Penny Day

Other than going digging for lost pennies, here are some ways you can fully understand just how quickly spare change adds up!

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