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National Organize Your Home Day (January 14)

Check out the weird holiday National Organize Your Home Day on January 14. Learn the history of this holiday & get ideas on how to celebrate.

One weird holiday on January 14 is National Organize Your Home Day. Check out the other weird January holidays!

History of National Organize Your Home Day

While it’s not exactly clear when this weird holiday first began, no one can deny that it’s an important one! This holiday to organize your house was launched to encourage people to get their homes into shape. After being cooped up for half the winter, you probably need this holiday!

Being organized, especially in your living space, helps balance your life. With an organized home, your stress levels go down and it makes you more productive. Choose today to be the day that you make an organized house part of your way of life!

Keeping your house clean and organized is something that has been going on to the start of every civilization in the world. The Greeks practiced economics that included “Oikonomia” (which is Greek for household management) as far back as 800 BC.

In more recent history, there are so many blogs, websites, magazines, social media accounts, and more that have been presented over the years. In 1885, the magazine “Good Housekeeping” was launched. Just a short time later in 1894, the book “Everyday Housekeeping: A Magazine for Practical Housekeepers and Mothers” was introduced.

Then in 1951, the DIY magazine “Family Handyman” was first released. Even more recently, 1990 was when “Marth Stewart Living” first began being published. In 2019, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” became an international success; thousands of people now use the KonMari method to purge their homes.

Over the last few decades, we have had an increase in more ways to keep homes organized. This is most likely due to technology allowing us more time to get things accomplished. Instead of washing clothes by hand, all we need to do is put them in the washing machine!

Ideas for National Organize Your Home Day

Here are some great ideas to get your home organized!

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