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Old Rock Day (January 7)

Check out the weird holiday Old Rock Day on January 7. Learn the history of Old Rock Day, as well as get ideas on how to celebrate.

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History of Old Rock Day

When we first heard of this weird holiday, we weren’t entirely certain if it was referring to fossils or Led Zeppelin. (Hint: it’s not music-related.)

The Earth is one giant “old rock.” Old rocks are provide scientists a lot of information about the history of the Earth, and many of them even contain fossils. The oldest one we know of is a zircon found in the Jack Hills of Australia. Scientists estimate that the rock could be as old as 4.4 billion years.

The study of old rocks first began with the Ancient Greeks, which is when Petrology (the study of rocks) was first introduced. It wasn’t until 1603 when the word ‘geology’ was used for the first time by Italian naturalist Ulisse Aldrovandi. 

Old rocks and fossils are a lot of fun to learn about, especially with children. While no one is certain when this holiday was officially begun, it’s a great one to celebrate with kids!

Ideas to Celebrate Old Rock Day

Other than getting a stone tumbler and making your own cool things to look at, here are some ways you can celebrate.

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