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Rose Day (February 7)

Check out the weird holiday Rose Day on February 7. Learn the history of Rose Day, and get ideas on how to celebrate it.

One weird holiday on February 7 is Rose Day. Check out the other weird February holidays!

History of Rose Day

February 7 marks the beginning of the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, which is why it was chosen to be a holiday celebrating roses.

The other holidays during this week are:

  • Feb 8: Propose Day
  • Feb 9: Chocolate Day
  • Feb 10: Teddy Day
  • Feb 11: Promise Day
  • Feb 12: Hug Day
  • Feb 13: Kiss Day

During the Victorian era (the 1820-1880), the nobility of England exchanged roses and other flowers to communicate unspoken feelings. Each color of rose means something else, and the deeper the color, the stronger the passion:

  • Red – love, romance
  • White – marriage, purity, innocence
  • Orange – desire, excitement, energy
  • Yellow – friendship, cheer
  • Pink – grace, elegance
  • Lavendar: enchantment, love at first sight

There was also the fact that the number of roses meant something else, too. Entire books were published about the language of flowers, also known as floriography. Between 1827 and 1923, there were at least 98 different flower dictionaries in circulation.

You can use roses on today to celebrate your loved one by sending them a big bouquet in their favorite colors.

Ideas for Rose Day

Here are some ideas for how you can celebrate this weird holiday with yourself or your loved ones.

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