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Polar Bear Plunge Day (January 1)

Check out the weird holiday Polar Bear Plunge Day on Jan 1. Learn the history of Polar Bear Plunge Day, and get ideas on how to celebrate.

One weird holiday on January 1 is Polar Bear Plunge Day. Check out the other weird January holidays!

History of Polar Bear Plunge Day

It is a New Year tradition in United States, Canada, United Kingdom and the Netherlands to run into freezing ice water (like a lake or the ocean). It proves stamina and endurance, and many places even organize fundraisers for charity as part of the event.

The first documented act of being like polar bears in the icy water in the United States occurred in the United States in 1902 in Boston, Massachusetts. The practice of swimming in ice water, however, goes back centuries to the Scandinavians.

There are both mental and physical benefits that come from cold-water swimming. Some studies say that even taking a cold shower can elevate mood-regulating and painkilling hormones.

Ideas for Polar Bear Plunge Day

How can we celebrate this cold, icy day in unique ways? I know I have zero desire to run into freezing water!

Here are several ideas on what you can do to celebrate this fun polar bear themed holiday on January 1. My favorite is the first game listed – it looks like so much fun!

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